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Copyright © 2024, REGNA, All Rights Reserved
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About Regna

About Regna
About Regna
Unleash Your Potential

Welcome to REGNA

Where the relentless pursuit of excellence meets innovation in crafting premium sportswear for triathlon athletes. With a prestigious 25-year legacy in apparel manufacturing, REGNA stands as a beacon of unrivaled expertise and groundbreaking design in the endurance sports apparel industry.

Our Story

At REGNA, our genesis lies in redefining the sportswear experience. We've fostered a culture of collaboration, working hand-in-hand with elite athletes, pioneering technology partners, and esteemed fabric manufacturers. Our innovations have been meticulously built and rigorously tested at Deakin University (AU), a hub for cutting-edge research and development in sports technology. This collaboration has given rise to an unprecedented fusion of Swiss-engineered fabrics, setting a new standard for performance wear.

Unwavering Dedication to Craftsmanship

We transcend the ordinary – we are artisans. Each creation is a fusion of avant-garde engineering and meticulously chosen premium fabrics sourced from Italy. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Vietnam ensures meticulous oversight, guaranteeing the highest quality and absolute customization for our clientele.

Unparalleled Personalization

What truly sets us apart is our dedication to individuality. With our patented Photo to Fit™ technology, offering an unparalleled made-to-measure experience, we take 'factory-direct-to-end-user' to unprecedented levels. Moreover, at REGNA, we extend this personalization further with our capability for custom graphic design, whether it's for a team or individuals seeking unique, one-off logoed sports apparel. This distinctive feature ensures that each piece not only fits flawlessly but also reflects your distinct style and identity.

Our Core Values

  1. Innovation in Design: Our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge techniques enhances the performance of every product we create.
  2. Photo to Fit™ Technology: Embrace an unmatched body fit with our exclusive made-to-measure innovation.
  3. Superior Craftsmanship: Crafted in our own Vietnam-based factory, each piece features premium Italian fabrics, allowing limitless customization options.
  4. Sustain Life Project: Our commitment to social and environmental sustainability shapes our endeavors, aiming to enhance lives and nurture a healthier planet.

At REGNA, we uphold the belief that exceptional quality, technological prowess, and unparalleled comfort are the bedrock for athletes striving for peak performance. Our range of triathlon, cycling, running, and swimming wear isn't just attire; they redefine the game in the realm of sports.

We are dedicated to elevating your athletic journey through bespoke, customer-centric solutions that cater to everyone. Welcome to the forefront of premium sportswear; welcome to REGNA.