Copyright © 2024, REGNA, All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2024, REGNA, All Rights Reserved

Custom Graphic Design

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Discover REGNA and experience superior performance wear with
personalized sportswear ideal for triathletes.
Introducing custom graphic design by Regna
Custom Graphic Design
Where Innovation Meets Individuality
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Our 3 Step Process

3 Step design process
  • Tailored to you
  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Personalised fit
  • Built & tested at Deakin University (AU). Swiss engineered fabric.
  • Custom graphic design - team or individual 1 off logoed sports apparel
Regna Custom Fit - Get Measured

Provide us with a brief description of your suit design.
Our designer will contact you within 24 hours.

Experience the difference with REGNA

Because Every Athlete Deserves The Best

Introducing Custom Graphic Design by REGNA - where innovation meets individuality to elevate your racing experience. At REGNA, we cater to both amateur and professional athletes, specializing in crafting the best trisuits, cycling gear, and Ironman apparel in the industry.

Make It Yours

Don't settle for off-the-rack options; design your gear on your own terms. For just an additional $100, you can have your triathlon, ITU, and cycling apparel fully customised. Empower your training with REGNA Custom Graphic Designs tailored to your preferences.

Utilizing the highest quality fabrics, including Swiss-engineered materials for unparalleled performance, we collaborate with industry leaders like HeiQ to ensure optimal comfort and functionality.


Highest Quality Fabrics

Our fabrics are rigorously tested at Deakin University (AU), a renowned institution for sports technology research, to guarantee peak performance in every race.

Our 'Made to Measure' app guarantees the best fit for every athlete, taking into account individual preferences and measurements. Whether you're tackling a triathlon, cycling race, or Ironman challenge, our suits are designed to enhance your performance and comfort on race day.

For Individuals & Teams

For individuals, our personalized approach means your ideas are transformed into the perfect garment tailored to your needs. From design to fit, we prioritize your satisfaction every step of the way.

And for teams, we specialize in creating cohesive team suits that showcase your sponsors and support network. Our team of designers works closely with each member to ensure every detail reflects your team's identity and values.

Experience the difference with REGNA

Exclusive Custom Design Package

Transform your ideas into stunning visuals with REGNA's Custom Graphic Design Package.
Whether you're looking to revamp your brand identity or create eye-catching graphics for your next project,
our team of talented designers is here to bring your vision to life.
Custom Design Package
At REGNA, we're committed to delivering exceptional quality and service.
Experience the difference with our Custom Graphic Design Package today.

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